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The best electric bikes, the Reef invisiTRON series has been released in our Melbourne stores. Using the latest innovation in motorised bicycle technology, invisiTRON by Reef Bikes Australia. This never seen before technology boasts huge breakthroughs in weight, distance, efficiency, performance, and last but not least good looks!

Boasting the lightest electric bike in the world, the invisiTRON R1 is only 11Kgs, fully loaded with battery, motor, and everything. Most other brands weigh about 24Kgs usually. So at 11kgs the R1 is even less than half the weight of other brands. With light weight, best hidden electric technology, and stylish design, the Reef invisiTRON series is set to leave the competition behind, with record sales and huge waiting lists to get one.

The Reef invisiTRON series comes with 4 models, the R1 Road Racing, the X1 Full Suspension, the M1 Mountain, and the C1 City Commuter Ladies model. All extremely light weight, even lighter than most regular bicycles without batteries and motors.

So how did Reef produce such innovative technology? Reef always wanted to build an electric bicycle with all electric parts hidden or invisible to the eye. Including being built with a Panasonic lithium battery, which is large in capacity but small in physical dimensions and weight. So thin its fitted inside Reef`s frame tube design. Look how slim the tubes are on the invisiTRON frame.

Using a 250W high torque and high efficiency micro hub motor, which cannot even be seen behind the gear cassette of the invisiTRON bikes. But still producing more power than other 250W motors and brands. How can this be possible? Because the Reef micro hub motor, uses the latest technology, which converts your lithium battery to more power much more efficiently. Getting riders up hills effortlessly, and reaching top speeds in a matter of seconds.

Built with high end components, full Shimano gear sets and hardware, the pedaling performance is also the best, with quick trigger shifters, STI racing shifters, and full 27 speed Shimano sets, the Reef invisiTRON pedaling feels even smoother than most regular bicycles.

So if you are looking for the best electric bikes in Melbourne, and the leading edge technology in the industry, the future is already here with Reef invisiTRON.