Best Lithium Battery For Long Distance and High Power

Reef Seahorse Long DistanceYou have probably seen a huge range of different electric bikes, and your getting confused about which one to get. Some specifications will tell you they go 50km or up to 100km, but how does it all work? Here is some more information of the best lithium batteries, for the longest distance and how to tell whats good and whats no good.

Your lithium battery is the most important part of your electric bicycle. Buy a cheap, non branded, or Chinese lithium battery, and you may be throwing your money away. As they have a high rate of failure. Only look for ebikes advertised with Panasonic or Samsung brand batteries. These are the only brands you can trust to make a long life, reliable battery. Spend the extra few dollars in the short term, to save yourself from replacing it in the long term.

Average lifespan of a Chinese, or No name brand lithiumĀ  battery is 6 months, average lifespan on a Panasonic or Samsung branded lithium battery is 3 years. Thats a huge difference, and a huge saving you will make on the cost of replacing your cheap battery.

Distance per charge ratings for electric bikes, are always just a rating. It is a maximum estimate, using the best conditions, and also using pedal assist mode only. So if you see a distance in kilometers, this distance is always rated from the factory by using PAS pedal assist mode at the 1:1 assistance ratio. Meaning, you are pedaling and using the motor at the same time, and on a flat surface, not up hills.

As soon as you start using the hand throttle only, without pedaling at all, you are going to reduce your range. Its impossible to tell how much distance you will get using hand throttle only, because it depends on how many times you stop and start, and how many hills you go up, how steep the hills are. Many times you may think you are riding on a flat road, but in fact you are riding on a slight incline, but you cannot even notice.

So the rating on websites, is just an indication only, a way to compare different models against each other.

Another thing is, your lithium battery, is similar technology used in mobile phones and cameras. So just like your phone, after 6 months of use, the distance may go from 100km per charge down to 90km per charge, and then after 2 years your distance may go from 90km down to 60km, and so on. Remember folks, its a battery! They dont last forever, they are a consumable. They slowly lose capacity over time.

A better quality battery will hold its capacity better over the years, the cheaper ones will lose the max distance a lot faster.

Read up about the best way to care and maintain your lithium battery, as this will help the long life of your battery also. Make sure to keep your battery charged up, never leave it sitting over winter for 6 months drained. This will kill your battery, and will be no ones fault but your own. So its simple, just keep your battery charged up, even when your not using it for long periods.

All in all, you cannot go past quality and good care to keep your electric bicycle going faster and longer.