Commuting City Road Electric Bikes

Commuting City Electric BicycleLooking for the best electric bicycle for commuting to work, city road riding? Many e-bike riders want to commute using a mountain bike, because they look sportier, but the best way to commute is using a 700C Hybrid Wheel electric bike. There is a reason why it is best to be riding a 700C bike when commuting long distances fast and efficiently.

A mountain bike tyre is smaller in diameter and thicker and heavier in weight and on the road. Meaning you have to pedal harder to push the bigger offroad grip on the roads.

A city commuting hybrid bicycle, is designed exactly for efficiency on roads and bike paths. The wheel diameter is 28″ giving you more momentum at high speeds. Also the tyre is a little thinner, but not too thin like a road racing type model. Its in between mountain and racing. Giving you the perfect balance for on the road and also offroad or loose surfaces.

The 700C city commuting electric bike will also be more efficient on your battery life, giving you longer distances per charge. Making it easier to motor, and also easier to pedal.

Most city commuters are also equipped with a rear pannier rack, or basket for carrying your bags.

Also, you will find them more comfortable to ride, because they have an upright riding position, with raised handle bars, and a wide comfort city seat. Making your long commute to work much more comfortable on your back.

So there are the main differences between using a mountain bike to commute, or actually getting a purpose built city commuting electric bicycle, designed to do the job you need.