How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

invisiTRONR1ReSizeSo you have been interested in getting an electric bike, but you want to make sure you know how fast an electric bicycle actually goes? Whats the Max Speed? And whats the legal speed limit?

Well, an Australian road legal electric bike can reach a max speed of about 25km/h. The road legal motor in Australia is 200W – 250W depending on your state.

If using a 200W motor, you are allowed to install a hand twist throttle, so you can power on like your riding a motorbike, without pedaling at all. With the option to pedal too, or do both at the same time using pedal assist mode. The 200W hand throttle usually has a max speed of 25km/h.

If using a 250W motor, your bike has to comply with the European standards, meaning you are not allowed to have a hand twist throttle. This means at 250W you can only use Pedal Assist power, which is pedaling while the motor assists you. So you have to pedal to engage assistance. But you can adjust the amount of assistance or boost from lower to higher. The 250W standards allow assistance of up to 25km/h also.

Its a common misconception that 25km/h is not fast enough, and is a slow speed. But thats not true at all, for a bicycle, its quite a high speed. Not many riders are able to reach 25km/h speed by pedaling themselves, and not many riders would be able to keep up that speed for 50km to 100km distance.

So in fact, an electric bicycle is more about giving you the rider a huge help, power to go long distances faster, keeping at a great speed without even pedaling.

Most importantly, getting you up any hills, steep hills, with little effort, time after time after time, without you having to worry about getting where you need to go.

So how fast do electric bikes go? well the answer doesnt even matter, its more about how much help, boost, and difference it makes. Which is in actual fact a huge difference.

A cyclist might say, he can ride 25km/h easily. But can he do that without pedaling? And can he do that for 100km in distance without breaking a sweat?