How Long Does An E-Bikes Battery Last – Distance Per Charge

Reef Stingray Electric Bike

Many people want to know how long their e-bike will go for, seems as though distance is a big issue for most electric bicycle customers. Basically the bigger the battery capacity the longer distance you will travel per charge. But then again, the bigger the battery, the heavier it is, and the bulkier it is, looking bad on your bike, and making your big too heavy.

Reef Bikes can reach up to 100KM distance per charge, especially in the high end range, the invisiTRON electric bikes. For your average bike, you are looking at about 50KM in distance per charge.

The Panasonic 10AH lithium battery system actually gets your more distance than a non brand Chinese 15AH battery. Panasonic make the best battery available for any electric bikes. Much more reliable, long lasting, long life then anything else on the market. So dont be fooled by trying to get a big chunky, heavy, Chinese 15AH battery. Because it wont last as long, and it has more chance of failing. Also the Chinese battery will lose its capacity faster over the next months. So you will end up with a low capacity battery faster.

The battery on your ebike is your life line, it is the most important part of your motorised electric system, and the most expensive to replace too. So make sure you choose quality, reliability and brand name you can trust.

Reef Bikes only use Panasonic lithium batteries, the Reef brand has been around since 2005, because they are built with quality components all around.

With a Panasonic 9AH lithium battery system, and with a high quality Reef bike, with Shimano gears, and high end components, you can get up to about 70KM distance per charge. Using the PAS mode. Which is a very long way to go on your bicycle.

So be wary of high AH lithium batteries made in China, they will cost you more trouble than its worth, and they will not be as good as the Panasonic 9AH lithium battery. Only use a trusted brand name in electric bikes, as service, warranty, and parts availability years down the track is important.