Ladies Electric Bicycles Melbourne

invisiTRON C1 Electric Bike MelbourneLadies electric bicycles are made for comfort, style, and ease to ride. The European style ladies e-bikes have the low step through frame, so anyone can easily mount the bicycle, and jump on, without having to throw your leg over the whole bike. Perfect for ladies dressed up, and even business men wearing pants. Great for commuting to work and back when wearing non sporty outfits. The seat is a wide, thick and comfortable saddle, designed to make your ride enjoyable. With high raised handlebars, that come up and back towards you, making your riding position upright. Giving you that comfortable upright ride, so you dont have to be bending your back, and leaning over. A ladies electric bike will make your ride easy.

Another advantage of cruising around Melbourne with your ladies model, is the gears are hidden internal hub gears, with full chain guard covers, protecting you against greasy chains, and clunking gears. With internal hub gears, you can change gears much smoother, without the hassles of your chain clanking and jumping around. Riding around with large 700C hybrid tyres, you will get faster pedaling performance, and you will be able to keep your top speed momentum up with ease. The tyres are the perfect blend for on the road, and also will handle offroad too.

So for getting around in classy and style, with comfort and smooth performance, you cannot go past a ladies European style electric bicycle. A bicycle doesnt have to be a pain to ride, simply choose the right bike for your application, and you will feel the difference.

Perfect for long distances, commuting to work, upright riding position, comfort and performance.

A Ladies step through bike, is not only for ladies, but unisex for men too. Often referred to as the business mans commuting style of bike, anyone should feel comfortable riding them.