Light Electric Bikes Melbourne – Reef invisiTRON Lightest Electric Bicycle

Reef invisiTRON X1 Electric Bicycle

Finally the lightest electric bicycle has been released by Reef invisiTRON, boasting light electric bikes in Melbourne, Australia, starting at 11kgs, less than half the weight of the competition. This breakthrough technology has taken the e-bike industry by storm. Everyone has been wanting an e bike that is not a heavy, chunky, ugly looking tank, most riders wont even consider getting one because in the past the technology and design has been poor, but with Reef`s invisiTRON new technology this has changed. Reef has now been taking orders from customers that were anti electric, even road racing enthusiasts have been getting excited about the invisiTRON R1 road racing model, at only 11kgs, this high end road racing model gives the rider extremely high end, light weight performance, and with the assistance of the 250W motor, riders have been flying.

So why is the Reef invisiTRON series so popular? Extreme light weight? Beautiful design? Invisible electronics? Panasonic battery hidden inside the sleek thin frame tube? Micro hub motor that is so small it cannot be seen behind the gears? High end Shimano gears and components? Well the list just keeps going on. This Australian technology trademark design by Reef Bikes, is thinking outside the box, bringing the future of electric transport to the Australian people first.

You dont have to carry around a 25kg electric bike anymore, you dont have to look silly with a huge heavy battery pack sticking out of your bike, you dont have to pedal hard when your battery goes flat. The Reef invisiTRON comes in 4 different models, the R1, M1, X1, C1, starting at a total weight of 11kgs including the battery and motor and everything. Being such a light electric bicycle, the performance is smooth and fast. The battery usage is extremely efficient, giving you long distances of up to 100km per charge. You can even ride this bicycle, as a regular non electric bike with smooth fast pedaling performance too.

The Reef invisiTRON series is now available in Melbourne, Australia.