Riding Bicycles On Footpaths – Australian Road Rules

Reef invisiTRON X1 Electric BicycleMany people are confused about being able to ride your bicycle on footpaths, and the actual Australian road rules for bicycles. Well the answer is, the rules are actually different in every state of Australia. Each different state has slightly different road rules and bicycle regulations. So its best to check with your states RTA, Roads and Traffic Authority, look them up online, or give them a phone call, and they will be able to tell you exactly what the story is.

In general bicycles can be ridden on most local roads, but not some of the toll motorways. Many of the roads have lined off bike paths now, keeping the side of the roads for bicycles. But as for riding on footpaths, bicycles can only ride on “Shared” footpaths, meaning that specific foot path is zoned for both pedestrians walking and bicycles to share it.

If the footpath is not a shared zone, and is for pedestrians only, then you are not allowed to ride your bike on the footpath. There are some exemptions in some states, for children under a certain age, to be allowed to ride on footpaths. So you should check the exact details of the laws with your local states.

Electric bicycles, that are under 200W or under 250W, are classified as bicycles too, and the exact same rules and laws apply to electric bikes and bicycles. So you must wear a helmet at all times, and follow the bicycle laws and road rules of your specific state.

Remember keep safe when riding, make sure your bicycle is inspected and checked before every ride. Make sure to always be wearing a bike helmet. At night time make sure you have the required reflectors, front, rear, wheels, and also front and rear lights too. Be as visible as possible to traffic and pedestrians, day and night. Respect the people, cars, and roads around you.